Alexa Goglanian

  • Production Manager
  • San Francisco, CA

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Cushy dorm room in Santa Barbara to frozen Van in New Zealand to super sweet apartment in San Francisco. No matter where I end up living, I always create. Whether that be building things with my hands or painting with my brushes, I fill my time with simple creations. I am inspired by two things: nature and people. Nature, because that's where I perceive the earth's emotions. People, because I like to see the physicality of what life looks like for each soul. I'm a person who's never alone, literally. By living in a city that never sleeps and with my twin sister, I always get to watch and observe (quietly), and that is my happy place.


Production Manager at Yellow Owl Workshop

Present San Francisco, CA

I manage the assembly of all products for an amazing artist, Christine Schmidt, who is the head of Yellow Owl Workshop. I also handle and process our online store, so if you email us or place an order, you’re dealing with me.


Studio Art at Westmont College

August 2011 – May 2015 Santa Barbara, CA


We Shall Seek Solo

Westmont College Adams Center Santa Barbara, CA

I showcased original work that was a prelude to a larger project.

Maker’s Dozen Group

Westmont College Ridley-Tree Museum of Art Santa Barbara, CA

I participated in a group showcase of this year’s senior art majors. I showcased one large piece among 12 others.

Grow Peace Group

Westmont College Adams Center Santa Barbara, CA

I participated in a student-run art showcase.